DAS In-Building

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DAS In-Building

DAS (Distributed Antenna System) consists of a network of antennas that are spaced separately and connected to a common source that is able to provide wireless and radio coverage within buildings. Uninterrupted inbuilding coverage is critical for daily business and personal communications, as well as in emergency response. Sinclair provides all the needs to support these advanced in-building communication systems. Partner with Sinclair Technologies for DAS installation in buildings where confined areas require radio coverage for single or multiple services

DAS Product Types

Sinclair’s high-performance UHF in-building antennas are low profile and ground plane independent, featuring an inconspicuous design that blends into any environment. Their high efficiency, low-PIM rating, and wideband characteristics ensure optimal performance. These antennas feature LSZH (low-smoke and halogen-free) cables which are plenum rated and a fire retardant radome rated at UL94-V0, to comply with the most stringent in-building fire regulations globally.

Our In-building antennas are rugged, public safety grade and compliant with the most stringent in-building fire regulations. The radome is constructed using a high-grade polycarbonate material.

Our antennas are low profile and discreet, enabling them to blend into building infrastructure quickly

Low-PIM rating and high efficiency for high performance.

Most antennas feature a ground plane independent design for ease of installation.